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Driving in Israel

Foreign Driver's Licence

New immigrants (Olim), tourists and returning Israeli residents (who have lived abroad for at least one whole consecutive year) may use their foreign driver’s licence while driving in Israel. Use of the foreign licence is permitted for one year from the day of arrival to the country; provided you are driving the type of vehicle specified in the licence and that you have reached the required age. In case of repeated entries and departures, each case will be evaluated on its merits.

Converting Foreign Driver's Licence to Israeli Driver's Licence

These requirements apply to the following types of vehicles: motorcycles, private vehicles, and commercial vehicles up to 15 tons:

  • A valid foreign driver’s license, issued at least six months before the date of entry into the country.
  • Medical and eye examinations.
  • A control capability driving test. This test evaluates the ability to control a vehicle and appropriate behaviour on the road. The waiting period and the test itself are shorter than usual, and the fee is approximately half of the usual fee. You may take the control capability test up to two times. If you fail for the second time, your must take the standard driving theory and practical driving tests.
  • If you have previously held an Israeli diver’s licence you must provide: proof of the length of your stay abroad (your passport or a report of your entries and exits from the Ministry of the Interior). If you had a valid foreign driver’s licence for at least two years prior to your entry into the country, you may request an exemption from the control capability driving test.
  • If you have never held an Israeli driver’s licence you must provide your passport as proof of your residence abroad at the time your licence was issued and the date of your entry into the country.

New immigrants (Olim) – may convert their licence within three years from their Aliyah date or from the day they were awarded their Oleh status.

Temporary residents or tourists living in Israel – may convert their licence within one year from their date of arrival to the country, provided they have reach the required age for the requested licence.