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Shopping in Israel


Israel has economic ties with almost all nations in the world and manufactures a wide variety of products. There are countless opportunities for shopping in Israel in the shopping centres that have sprung up in the past few decades--including the Malkha Mall, the largest in the Middle East-- as well as in the colourful markets, annual bazaars, street malls, and shops in the large cities - all of which offer attractive imported and locally-made items.

Tourists who buy leather goods at shops listed by the Ministry of Tourism and pay for them in foreign currency are exempt from VAT and receive a 25 per cent discount on leather goods if these are delivered to them at the port of departure. Special purchases include jewellery, diamonds and other precious stones, ceramics, embroidery, glassware, wines, religious articles and holy books. ‘Cashback’ on purchased items can be claimed from the Customs Office at the airport. The best place to buy food is outdoor markets or souk; the produce is cheaper and fresher.

Tel Aviv

Shopping in Tel Aviv can be a fascinating experience, as the city offers various kinds of shopping venues, from outdoor flea markets to big modern malls.

If it's the Middle Eastern ambience you're after, visit the colourful Carmel Market with its oriental flavour, to watch the vendors sell exotic food products and cheap clothing (don't forget to bargain), or go to neighbouring Nachalat Binyamin Pedestrian Mall, where artists present their unique home-made stuff.

However, if you're looking for modern style shopping, then you can attend the chic fashion stores at Dizengoff and Sheinkin Streets, visit the exclusive boutiques at Hamedina Square and Ramat Aviv mall, or head for Azrieli Centre, a uniquely structured shopping mall and the highest building in the city. Most of Tel Aviv's shopping areas are within walking distance from the hotel district on Hayarkon Street, while others are easy to get to by local bus or taxi. Notice that some shops are closed between 1 pm and 4 pm, and most are closed on Saturday.

Dizengoff Centre

Centre of Dizengoff and King George streets. Large, modern shopping centre. Encompassing innumerable shops, 7 movie theatres, restaurants and cafes.

Gan Ha'ir

This is one of lsrael's exclusive centres, with stores and restaurants of truly international standards. Here you'll find everything you're looking for, whether it's fashion, jewellery, carpets, housewares, dining, delis or night clubs. With its lush greenery, sparkling fountains and futuristic elevators, the fully air conditioned City Garden Shopping Centre is one of Tel Aviv's treasures.

Canion Ayalon

The mall, which is in Ramat Gan, is the most successful one in Israel and is considered to be one of the most successful malls in the whole world! The mall is air-conditioned and has a variety of stores. restaurants and movie theatres, The mall has 100 stores and 2,150 parking spots that are free for the visitors. Open daily 9 am-10 pm.

The New Tel Aviv Bus Terminal

The New Tel Aviv Bus Terminal operates also as lsrael's business, commerce and entertainment centre. 230,00 square metres of enclosed and air-conditioned space in summer and winter, 1,400 shops including all the known branches in all categories, thousands of parking spaces, escalators, fountains, restaurants, cafes, movie theatres, branches of the major banks and an enclosed and clean market. In other words, a city within a city.

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